Johann Strauss                                  Violin & Piano

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Concert in the Gallery Spent on memories to the painter Joseph Victorian Pituka 24.4.2016 



Chamber Opera Bratislava 



Luxurious and romantic Spa Hotel 

     Temperamental atmosphere under the stars at the Bratislava Castle with Gypsy Devils 

                                                 Wedding in Austrian Klosterneuburg

Traditional Wiener Heurige Musik in Grinzig 

                                              Violin Variations at XII. Račištorfský bal

                                    Johann Strauss Trio to award Račianské srdce 2018

                                                    Račian vintage and apple feast 2017

                            Unforgettable atmosphere in one Austrian cellar for VIP guests :))

                            Preparation for the New Year's Eve program at the Astoria Hotel in Vienna 

                                  Romantic wedding ceremony at Schloss Eckartsau Castle in Austria

                                                    Days of the Croatian Grob Municipalities 2016

Tracksuit Wrap on 22.10.2016, which took place under the auspices of KOB with opera singer Erika Szaboo 

                            Evening with the Jubilees dedicated to outstanding Slovak personalities

                                         Roland Cafe Café on Roland's Square in Bratislava

                                                       Johann Strauss Violin & Piano

                                        Educational concerts for kindergartens and elementary schools    


                                                                  Wedding Demos

                                                          Educational concert of a show

                                                       Elegance that leaves impression 

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